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CAA Football Adds Timeout Countdown Clocks And Sideline Replay Monitors In 2023

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This post originally appeared on the Coastal Athletic Association newsroom. Image courtesy of and copyright CAA.

RICHMOND, Va. (August 24, 2023) – With the goal of improving the gameday experience for fans, coaches and student-athletes, CAA Football will add a visible television timeout countdown clock and a sideline replay monitor during the 2023 season.

CAA Football will be one of the first conferences at the FCS level to use both products.

“The addition of a visible timeout countdown clock and replay sideline monitors at each CAA Football stadium are further examples of the Conference’s continued commitment to provide our fans, coaches and student-athletes with the best possible gameday experience, and to ensure that the CAA is utilizing the most up-to-date technology in each of its games,” CAA Commissioner Joe D’Antonio said. “We are excited to implement both of these additions for the 2023 season.”

The on-field countdown clock provides fans the opportunity to know when a game will resume after a television timeout. The digital clock, which is operated by the television timeout coordinator during commercial breaks, also lets game officials, coaches and student-athletes know exactly how much time is left before they need to be back on the field. When the clock strikes zero, the game officials will mark the ball ready for play.

The sideline monitor will greatly enhance the conference’s instant replay process. The game official can see exactly what the replay official in the press box is watching, which will lead to improved discussion and collaboration on calls. The monitor will allow officials to better communicate replay decisions with head coaches and will aid in the referee’s ability to explain calls to fans.

While the referee can provide input about the ruling on the field during the replay process, the final decision to confirm or overturn a call will still be made by the replay official.

The television timeout countdown clocks were supplied by Victory Game Clocks, while the sideline replay monitor is an addition to the DVSport instant replay technology that the CAA has used for nearly a decade.

“DVSport continues its strong replay technology partnership with the CAA with the addition of new replay sideline monitors this season,” said Keith Lowe, Chief Strategic Officer for DVSport. “The sideline monitor creates a collaborative and transparent workflow between the on-field referee and the replay official in the booth. The detailed replay review announcements will also be a benefit to fans, broadcasters and teams.”

“Eight FBS conferences and three FCS conferences, including the CAA, are using our TV timeout countdown clocks at each of their member institutions’ football stadiums,” said Frank Hiett, Director of Sales at Victory Game Clocks. “It has changed the way everyone in the stadium views timeouts. Knowing the exact time remaining during a timeout not only benefits the fans, it allows coaches, event staff, press box media and spirit groups to stay on point during a timeout so play can resume.”